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Frames & Lenses


At Mark Darling Eyecare & Opticians we have an excellent range of frames both traditional and more contemporary cutting edge styles.

Carefully Chosen

We carefully choose our frames to ensure they have the quality and style to exceed your expectations in their ability to cope with everyday wear and tear, most importantly they must make you look good!

We have excellent long-term relationships with a range of established companies that supply both traditional and more contemporary cutting edge styles, and will happily get frames in on approval for you to try.


As an independent practice we are able to select from any manufacturer and get the best lens for you.

We recommend Essilor Lenses to create lens solutions that are tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs; everyone is different, as is everyone’s eyesight. They have two major lens types; Varilux and Eyezen, designed for different purposes to suit your specific needs.

Varilux Lenses

Quick Adaptation for New Wearers

Everyone worries about adapting to Varifocals, however by reducing image distortion Varilux lenses make it easier than ever before to wear varifocal lenses. From the moment you try them, you will experience great vision, enjoying true images and enhanced visual comfort. Essilor can make lenses that adapt to you, rather than you to them.

Thanks to innovation and research, modern technology has meant we can improve the design of varifocal lenses to create sharp, enhanced vision that helps for seeing everything within arm’s reach.

We have created 3 breakthrough technologies to enhance Varilux X series lenses. Through Xtend technology, your Varilux lens is optimised for multiple near distances between 40cm-70cm for one gaze direction, reducing the need for head movement to find the sweet spot of the lens. Varilux X series is our best universal varifocal lens design. It delivers sharp, seamless vision across all vision zones.

Make Your Vision Personal

A prescription is just the start. Your Varilux X series lenses can be modified by up to seven unique measurements, using our digital Eye ruler, including near vision behaviour, the physiological shape of your eye and even the frame you wish to wear. This level of personalisation ensures your Varilux X series lenses are unique to you and deliver the very best visual experience.

Eyezen Lenses

Since the invention of single vision lenses in the 1800s, the design has barely changed; but our lifestyles have progressed significantly. Modern lifestyles involve looking down at screen displays from your mobile to kindles to PC’s and a standard lens is not optimised for this visual task. Essilor have developed Eyezen lenses that are designed to keep up with modern, digitally-driven lives, reducing and preventing visual fatigue, making sure eyes don’t have to work quite so hard through the day.

Previously, you would often have to look through the centre of the lens to see clearly, often resulting in neck and shoulder pain when looking at digital screens up close. With Eyezen’s DualOptim technology, the lens is optimised for both distance and near vision, resulting in better comfort and acuity than before.

Combined with their excellent range of glare reducing coatings, such as Prevencia, clear comfortable vision is guarenteed.

Essilor Lens Enhancements

With so many years of experience under our belt, we haven’t just created lenses. In 1992, Essilor first introduced its Crizal lens enhancement. Designed to create an anti-reflective, anti-scratch and anti-smudge surface, it was dubbed a huge advancement for an improved lens experience. Many of Essilor coatings are guaranteed for 2 years form date of purchase, added reassurance.

Blue-violet light, generated mainly by the sun and, in smaller amounts, LED lighting, is toxic for our eyes and has been identified in recent research to be the most harmful light to the outer retina, and is one contributing factor of age-related macular degeneration. Similarly, UV light is one of the leading factors of cataracts. We know to protect our skin from the sun, so why shouldn’t we protect our eyes too? We recommend the Essilor Prevencia to help protect damage and enhance your visual comfort.


Designed to seamlessly adapt to the changing light conditions, Transitions feature fade back and block UV light.

Designed to seamlessly adapt to the changing light conditions, Transitions feature fade back and block UV light.

Transitions originally required UV light to activate the lens. As our lifestyles continued to change and we spend more time out and about in our cars, it was discovered that car windshields block 97% of UV, meaning the lenses didn’t activate. Transitions XTRActive was released, activated from visible light and UV. This was particularly innovative for those who suffer from light sensitivity, as well as those who are outside or driving a lot!

Children’s and Teenager Eyecare

Good vision is very important to children because so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes, so it’s never too soon to start your child’s eye care.

Most infants and pre-school children have regular vision screening as part of their routine developmental checks. These early checks are invaluable, but aren’t as thorough as a full eye test by a qualified optician. We recommend a full optometric check from at least age 3, but any concerns come along sooner.

The typical lifestyle of a teenager is a busy one, eye and vision conditions shouldn’t hinder them.

There are many common eye conditions out there that do not present any obvious symptoms until it’s too late. For this reason, it is important for both teenagers and parents alike to understand any potential risks, to be aware of the signs and how to prevent or manage them. Younger teenagers in particular may not realise their vision isn’t normal and might not recognise when something is wrong. Experiencing problems with vision can be detrimental for teenagers; it can cause problems in performance at school due to not being able to read the board properly and can even lead to anxiety and stress.

We now live in a world where digital devices are commonplace and are often used for long periods of time. Continued focus on a screen without rest can result in eye strain, irritation and headaches. Computer Vision Syndrome is a recognised condition for those who use digital screens for long periods of time without regular breaks; something that teenagers are often known for doing.

The Essilor Eyezen lens is perfect for the teen lifestyle.


Simply email with a preferred time and day and we will get back to you with some options.