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Contact Lenses

Modern lenses are more comfortable, healthier for your eyes and more affordable than ever before.

And there is no age bar, young and old can all wear contact lenses. In fact studies have shown that children suffer fewer complications than adults, looking after their lenses better and benefit from a greater self-esteem, with improvements in quality of life and sense of their physical appearance.  Wearing contact lenses has also been shown to reduce the rate of myopic (short sighted) progression, so often the younger the better!

Types Of Contact Lenses


We supply all the major brands, and specialise in Acuvue and Coopervision both being leaders in their fields with excellent comfort, plus the latest designs and materials.  We fit lenses from standard dailies to the latest multifocal lenses to help you read and see in the distance.  Bespoke lenses are also available if off the shelf lenses don’t give the comfort or vision you need.


Gas Permeable Rigid lenses have fallen out of favour with the ready availability of off the shelf soft lenses, comfort being the main driver. The downside is soft lenses don’t give the same quality of vision, don’t last as long and can be more fiddly to put in. Soft lenses also often suffer from drying issues during the day due evaporation from the material.

We use a computerised fitting system that allows us to fit completely bespoke and more comfortable rigid lenses with much improved vision, longevity and wear time during the day


Certain eye conditions such as Keratoconus, Dry Eye, Corneal Graft, need something more than an off the shelf lens. We are experienced in fitting all sorts of lenses to all sorts of eyes maintaining close links to the hospital and industry to keep abreast of the latest thinking in techniques and materials.

Ortho -K is an exciting technique where lenses are worn to correct your vision while you sleep, meaning no specs or lenses during the day. Perfect if you suffer with dry eye, play a lot of sport or just want to see when you wake up.

Our direct debit scheme spreads the annual cost and combined with our home delivery option, nothing could be easier.  Contact us for a free trial on 01604 765 855 or via email with your details for an appointment.

If you struggle with getting lenses in or out click on the button below for a video refresher, how to put in and take out soft lenses for beginners!

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FAQs for Contact Lenses

Most contact lens problems can be solved by taking your lens out, checking for damage, giving it a clean and trying again. In fact a good maxim for all lens problems is If in doubt, take it out and if the problem persists, seek advice.

Why do my eyes go red when I'm wearing my lenses?

Red eye when wearing lenses can mean a number of things:

  • Irritation from a damaged or dirty lens
  • A reaction to the cleaning solution
  • A lack of oxygen reaching the eye due to the contact lens material
  • A build up of toxins due to the lens not moving on your eye
  • An infection or allergy
  • Poorly fitting lenses

These problems need addressing and are often easily resolved, however they do need resolving as if left to fester they can have some severe long term implications.

If the red eye is associated with pain rather than irritation then you must contact us straight away!

Why do my contact lenses feel dry?

Dry eyes when wearing lenses can be due to insufficient blinking or problems with the lens material. Many lenses now have added moisture agents to overcome these issues. You may also want to consider our Eyedream lens where the lens is worn at night to correct the vision meaning no lenses to dry out during the day!

Why does my vision blur when Im wearing my lenses?

Intermittent blurring or smeary vision can be a sign of:

  • A dirty lens; better cleaning of more frequent replacement may be needed.
  • A poor tear film and the lens is drying between blinks. Help with improving your quality of tears or extra wetting agents may be required.
  • A poorly fitting lens where the lens moves out of position and a more bespoke fitting lens will help

Why cant I wear my lenses for very long?

This may be due to:

  • The lens material is not letting enough oxygen through to the cornea and needs changing.
  • The lens is dirty.
  • The lens doesnt fit correctly.

My Lens has split in my eye.

If the lens is soft, then this can be uncomfortable but is not serious, often the pieces work themselves out, but they may need finding and removing by us.

And please contact us if you have any other questions.


Simply email with a preferred time and day and we will get back to you with some options.