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Computers and your eyes

In Europe over 60% of 40 to 60 year olds now use computers at home or work. Computers becoming an indispensable tool with most people spending several hours a day in front of a screen.

The results of this, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and light sensitivity are only to be expected, with over 75% of VDU users reporting these symptoms.  And around the age of 40, the problems are aggravated by the normal decrease in near focusing capacity or presbyopia. A normal varifocal has some limitations when being used to view a computer, as the intermediate and reading areas are relatively small and so give a restricted field of view. This is fine for a quick look but not for extensive use.

Essilor, who invented the varifocal, have designed the Varilux Computer range specifically for presbyopic computer users giving the following benefits:

  • Greatly reduced computer related eye strain and accommodative fatigue
  • Extremely comfortable head posture for computer usage
  • Less head movement required to see all of the screen and surrounding desk.

The Varilux computer range consists of:

  • Varilux Computer 2V: This lens has an extremely wide area of clear vision for mid and near vision, giving full coverage of both keyboard and screen. It allows intense, prolonged viewing of the screen. And is recommended for full time VDU users.
  • Varilux Computer 3V: this lens has a small semi-distance vision area and a wide area for intermediate and near vision, allowing interactions between the screen and the working environment.  This lens is more versatile and is perfect if you work in an open plan office, reception counter where you need predominantly screen and near vision with occasional distance.

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