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Children's Eyecare

Myopia or short sightedness causes problems with vision and lifestyle ranging from minor inconvenience to major disability.

The percentage worldwide ranges from 2% in Nepal to nearly 80% in Singapore, Europe is around 30%. These percentages are however increasing.

Myopia Research

Much research has been carried out (and many myths abound) as to the cause of and ways to prevent myopia. Some of the myths include: don’t read in the dark and eye exercises help.

However recent studies show that a major preventer is to spend time outdoors, at least 2 hours a day seems to prevent the onset of myopia so if you have myopia in your family get the children playing in the fresh air! Unfortunately, once myopia starts then the outdoor life effect diminishes, but this is where we come in. Myopia control is now possible with both overnight and day wear contact lenses.

Unfortunately, once myopia starts then the outdoor life effect diminishes but this is where we come in.


An advanced vision correction therapy called Ortho-K provides clear comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses through the day. And an exciting side effect of the Ortho-K technique is that it appears to stabilise or retard any future increase in myopia. A list of studies that show this can be found by clicking here.

Key Benefits of Eyedream for Children

With Ortho-K all lens wear is done overnight so the lenses aren’t worn out of the house, which means less worry about lost lenses or glasses! Also daytime is free of specs and lens wear so children can take part in all activities and sports without having to worry about their vision.

Ortho-K also helps children as studies show they are more confident without glasses and do better at school.



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