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Ortho K - New Techniques

If you struggle with wearing lenses all day, playing sport in lenses, are thinking of refractive surgery or wish your eyes didnt change every time you visit the optician then Eyedream may be for you.
Eyedream comes from a technology called Ortho K where specially shaped contact lenses are worn overnight and they gently alter the curve of your eye, so altering the prescription, allowing you to see clearly through the day without glasses or lenses!
We need to take a special map of the front of your eye that allows the bespoke lens to be made and then after starting to wear the lenses it takes about a week to settle at the new prescription with most effect taking place on the first night.
Eyedream is an ideal solution for low to mid shortsighted people who:
  • Want clear vision all day, every day.
  • Find that soft lenses arent comfortable enough for their lifestyle.
  • Are involved in recreation and sports activities not suitable for contact lenses or glasses.
  • Have considered laser surgery but are worried about the risks. Ortho K is completely reversible.
  • Are concerned their eyes are always getting worse. Studies have shown that lenses like Eyedream can slow the progression of shortsightedness in children www.myopiaprevention.org

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